Zumba Dance

How to Do Zumba for Arthritis

Exercising is key to managing your arthritis. If you suffer from joint pain and swelling that's common with arthritis, you may not think that exercise (especially Zumba) would be a good idea. However, health professionals recommend consistent and regular exercise. It helps improve strength, maintain flexibility and range of motion and can decrease pain over time. Zumba is a latin inspired dance class that can help you manage symptoms of arthritis, improve your fitness level and lose weight or maintain a healthy weight.

Look and sign up for a local Zumba class to help ease your arthritis pain and have a fun time working out.

Denise Hulmes

LA Fitness 120 Garden Golf Blvd, LA Fitness, PA
SAT 12:00 PM
SUN 8:30 AM

Sathya Venkataramani

Greater Plymouth Community Center 2910 Jolly Rd, Plymouth Meeting, PA SUN 9:00 AM

Jacqueline Brooks

Ambler Area YMCA 1325 McKean Rd, Ambler, PA SAT 4:00 PM